Cairo, Illinois, Photographs and Vessels

Don’t miss your chance to see the exhibition in the University Gallery.  It will be showing until May 6th!  Gwen Walstrand, a photographer, and Sarah Perkins, a metalsmith/enamellist, have created works that are not collaborative, but are designed to be viewed together.  “In order to have an impact and a narrative that neither could possess on its own. (We) work in different media but with the same subject matter – the town of Cairo, Illinois. Cairo is a unique place with both rich and tragic histories, a visual showcase of all that is best and worst in our American history.” Walstrand and Perkins have stated.

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2016 Senior Exhibition

Every spring, seniors in the Department of Art’s Exhibition Design class go through the process of organizing, designing and installing their own show in the Harry Krug Gallery featuring their own works. This year’s artists are Gretchen Burns, David Bush, Hannah Coward, Jacqueline Denton, Molly McVey, Jessica Purevich, Robert Raio, and Whitney Reeves.

Be sure to check out their artists’ lectures on Thursday, April 28 starting at 4pm until 7pm with a reception in the Harry Krug Gallery at 5pm. The exhibit will be on display until Friday, May 6.

Family Art Day

Don’t miss this fun event happening Saturday, April 9th from 2 – 4 pm!  It will take place in Porter Hall’s 2nd floor Art Connectors Gallery at Pittsburg State University.

There will be an open mic where you will be able to tell us about a family story, myth or legend.

The event is free and open to the public.  Come and go, refreshments provided.  All ages are welcome, students 5-8 should be accompanied by an adult.  Parking is available on Cleveland Ave., north and west of Porter Hall.