Exhibition Opportunities

The Pittsburg State University Museum of Art accepts submission materials from artists and curators on a rolling basis. All submissions are reviewed by the museum’s Exhibitions Committee, and are considered for all available opportunities.Exhibitions are planned a year or more in advance. All submissions are reviewed, however it may take 12-18 months for a response. Please do not call or e-mail to check the status of your submission. Submissions by e-mail will not be reviewed.


General Submission Policy

Submission packets should include:

    • ARTWORK must be Macintosh compatible.
      10-20 images that are identifiable regarding medium, size, date and date. A list should be provided that corresponds with the artwork.

      • IMPORTANT: Each digital image must be saved in JPEG format, sized at a resolution of 72 dpi (psi) and no larger than 600 pixels in any direction. These guidelines are in place so that the gallery committee can review the materials in a timely fashion.
      • If you need directions for changing the size of your image, please see:
        http://www.connectionsforart.com/ARTISTS/OTHER/Resolution_Change/RESIZE_IMAGES.html for a variety of options.
      • If selected for the exhibition, you may be requested to submit a 300 dpi (psi) file.
      • Name images with consecutive numbers from 1 – 20.
        Images must be labeled LastName_FirstName_EntryNumber.jpg (Such as Smith_Joe_1.jpg or Doe_Jane_3.jpg)
      • Three-dimensional image details must be labeled in the following format:
        LastName_FirstName_EntryNumber_detail.jpg (Such as Smith_Joe1_detail.jpg or Doe_Jane_3_detail.jpg.jpg)
      • For more detailed information on digital submission procedures and exhibition guidelines contact: art@pittstate.edu.
    • Artist statement or Curatorial statement
    • Curriculum vita/resume/Biography
      (Group shows should include an exhibition history of the group including upcoming shows and a list of current members)
    • Self-addressed stamped envelope
      (for reply and/or return of materials — packets without an SASE will not receive a reply)
    • Related support material (reviews, catalogs, articles, etc.)

Available spaces:

University Gallery


9 ½ ceilings
118 lineal feet
900 square feet
Hardwood floor

University Gallery Floor Plan

Harry Krug Gallery

krug1 krug2
Hallway mezzanine with 100 feet of wall space

Harry Krug Gallery Floor Plan


Please mail or deliver your completed proposal to:

Artist Submission: Exhibitions Committee
Pittsburg State University Museum of Art/ Porter Hall
Department of Art
1701 S. Broadway
Pittsburg KS, 66762


All artwork coming into the Pittsburg State University Museum of Art are juried by the University Gallery Committee. The committee is comprised of from the Department of Art Faculty. Artists accepted for exhibition are expected to show the type of work that is reflected in their proposal. All materials of non-accepted work will be returned with you SASE. If an online submission is made an your proposal is accepted we will request that a hard copy that includes a CD of submitted work, a resume/biography and artist statement plus any additional support material is provided.


Unless otherwise specified by the artist all work will be offered for sale. Pittsburg State University Museum of Art mission is educational based thus artwork sales are not a primary focus. We do not provide gallery representation or sales marketing.


1. Gallery space for temporary exhibitions (proposals cannot be for permanent work and cannot cause excessive damage to gallery walls or floors).
2. Preparatorial oversight and assistance for exhibition installation;
3. Vinyl title lettering and wall labels for the pieces;
4. Advertising and promotion for the exhibition as an important feature of Pittsburg State University’s offerings.
5. Security.


1. Gallery representation, marketing or sales services other than those described above;
2. Payments for the creation of new work;
3. Fabrication assistance (all works must be installation-ready when they are brought to PSU); or
4. Exhibition space for works unless they are complete and operational. Exhibitions that require daily or frequent maintenance are not suitable.
4. Insurance of all artwork submitted remains the responsibility of the artist. PSU is unable to provide insurance to entrants as the university is “self-insured”.  The Museum maintains a professional staff and strives to ensure that all work exhibited will be treated with the utmost care and protection. However, PSU Department of Art and Museum of Art nor its employees are liable for damages to submitted works.
5. Artists are responsible for shipping work at their work expense including the cost of return. Exhibit awards are intended to assist exhibitors with this expense.

PSU is located in Pittsburg, Kansas which is home to approximately 6000 Students and a community of 19,000. It is near Joplin, Missouri and the Ozarks. Kansas City and Tulsa, Oklahoma are each about 120 miles away.